Irish Cuisine

It seems that I always run into the same problem around St. Patrick’s Day what to eat. There are the typical choices of the Irish American dish Corned beef and cabbage a take on the classic Irish dish of bacon and cabbage, the classic Irish Stew or maybe some champ or colcannon but It’s not like you want to have the same dish twice. This year, my brother in law, brined or corned a brisket and smoked it and invited us over for dinner, so I already have had corned beef this year it was good and everything and I took some home with me but that is most likely becoming sandwiches. So by default I’m having Irish stew this year but are there any other great Irish dishes or do I need to look towards breakfast and do like a full Irish breakfast next year?


One thought on “Irish Cuisine

  1. Have an Irish tea party! Serve a traditional soda bread with clotted cream and preserves, and a nice cuppa. Have little crustless sandwiches with smoked salmon and cucumber and cream cheese. Finish with pistachio ice cream and brownies. But I see nothing wrong with a brisket or Irish stew on the day, either šŸ™‚ – May the luck of the Irish go with you!

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