Spring planning

We have arrived at the strange part of the year when minds turn to gardens, baseball, and other outdoor activities. Sure I’ll be growing a bunch of tomatoes and the usual suspects in the garden (zucchini, radishes, cucumbers, lettuce) and perhaps some type of pepper. Spring training has started and baseball is getting into full swing as well, hopefully I can get to a couple more games this season than last. The season for MLS has started as well, March Madness is almost upon us as are the playoffs for the NBA and NHL, it’s a busy time in sports.

While I’ve gotten to the last 5 gallons of home brew, it’s the mushroom one if you can remember the three that were brewed in Early November a Doppelbock, Chocolate hazelnut porter and the mushroom ale. I really haven’t found the best food to pair with the chocolate porter, and still haven’t tasted the mushroom ale yet, hopefully it will be done for St. Patrick’s Day. This however brings up the bigger question of what to brew next. Stone Brewing Company has done something really cool with their Pale ale recipe that they are going to stop making. They have open sourced the recipe and put it online for anyone to get it and brew it themselves.  This sounds like something that will get brewed this year.  There are tons of recipes online and I’m bound to find one or two that I like that I can then adapt into my own.


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