News Round up

World Cup: The 2022 World Cup in Qatar has been a huge headache for FIFA already and it hasn’t even happened yet. Wikipedia has a long list of all the controversies cheif among them is weather, with temperatures in the summer being really hot, reaching over 120 Fahrenheit it seems likely that they would be held in the winter and to avoid the Olympics (February) and Ramadan (April) it would be held in November/December. This would cause a huge problem as many leagues around the world would be in the middle of their seasons (August-May), this is the main reason the summer date works best. Now outgoing FIFA executive committee member Theo Zwanziger has said that Qatar should be stripped of the World Cup hosting duties and a new vote taken to award the World Cup to some other nation.

Technology: Apple has unveiled it newest creation the Apple Watch. It shoves all their other devices into a single watch. There are many options for the watch based on size of screen and low end models are about $350 and high end models will be selling for $17,000.  If you have an iPhone, iPod and a fitbit you basically already have the watch just in three different devices, and I am sure that to use the watch as a phone you have to be near your phone to use it. If you have big fingers this isn’t the device for you as the screen is only like 1.5 inches. Sure we can all be like Dick Tracy now, talking into our wrists but the first hurdle is getting people to wear watches again. Since everyone has got a cell phone it seems like I’ve seen fewer watches being worn, since the cell phone acts as your time piece. Sure there will be lines of people at the Apple store waiting for this release and I am sure that many celebrities will be wearing one soon, but if you really need a watch you can get a pretty good one for about $100 and have the $250 to buy something else.

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