Book of Job: Part three (second cycle of speeches)

If you remember last week we started this section of Job which is a dialogue between job and his friends, Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar. Last week in chapters 3-14 they all were telling Job that it’s something Job did and he needs to make it right with the Lord.

So we turn to the second cycle of speeches in chapters 15-21.

We begin with Eliphaz once again who it seems picks up where he left off.  Eliphaz starts by saying “Your own mouth condemns you not I you own lips testify against you” (15:6) then he ask Job if he thinks that he is smarter than the Lord because Job demands an answer. Eliphaz says that this is undermining the Lord. Job replies  once again stating his innocence and goes on to say that his friends are scorning him.

Next we hear from Bildad who once again tells Job that the Lord is going to punish the evil doer and Bildad adds that the first-born of death is going to be tagging along as well. Job asks “How long will you torment me, and break me in pieces with words?” (19:2) Job then adds that if it is true and he did err that the error remains with him and his friends shouldn’t be continually attacking him about it. Job simply want to be able to plead his case before God.

Zophar is the next to offer his two cents, and guess what he says. Zophar gives a whole list of ways that the wicked man is punished by God. saying that this is the wicked man’s portion from God.  Job replies stating his innocence and saying that the wicked go unpunished all the time but we all end up in the same place, in the ground.

This book is frustrating as none of Job’s friends are actually listening to him and they continually harp on the fact that God will punish the wicked, that is all that they are saying. Next week we will pick up with the final cycle of speeches from this group, and I expect it to be exactly the same thing.


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