News Round up

Religion: First up is the news from Fr. Jim Martin’s Twitter,  that St. Therese’s Parents will be canonized at the Synod of the Family later this year. Zelie and Louis Martin will become the first married couple to be canonized at the same time. They are a great example for families.

Francis of Assisi is also making news as there is a new medieval manuscript about Francis has been discovered. This manuscript is the second oldest volume on the life of the Saint from Assisi. It being an older source the stories in it are perhaps closer to the reality of the situation, the text the scholars say don’t sugarcoat things. This is pretty cool especially since I think everyone is a fan of Francis of Assisi and perhaps someday we all can be

Movies: ID4ever or whatever the next Independence Day movie is going to be called, has started casting. Liam Hemsworth and Jesse Usher will be joining Jeff Goldblum who we can hope is reprising his role from the original film. It’s a shame Will Smith isn’t the lead but Jesse Usher is bound to be like the kid from the first movie all grown up or something.

I don’t know what to classify this story as but it is a real unique one. Bees help reveal a New York City’s biggest Pot Farm. Yes this is a story about Bees. It begins several years ago amateur apiarist were in the midst of the Urban bee movement started to notice that their bees in Brooklyn were producing a bright red gunk instead of honey. This led them to the local business Dell’s Maraschino Cherries in Red Hook after analysis determined that the red gunk was High Fructose Corn Syrup and red dye #40. The business allowed a bunch of people to come in and figure out where the bees were getting to the dye and how to prevent bees from getting into jars or any other part of their business.  A Postal inspector informed the detectives that there was a huge marijuana farm in the basement of the cherry factory. So in their looking they didn’t see anything they even flew a helicopter over the site and did some thermal imaging and nothing came back. It’s an interesting read and it seems like something that they’d want to make into a movie in the near future.


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