Book of Job: Part two (first cycle of speeches)

In Job 3-14 we have the first time around with Job and his friends “talking”. In a rough sketch

We begin with Job cursing his birth asking Why is light given to those in misery? or why is there Hope?

Eliphaz is the first to speak and he tells Job that sure you have helped others but you’ve never understood their pain and perhaps this is a reason for no one rushing to Job to help him out.  Eliphaz goes on to say that Job most likely sinned and that’s what bad things have happened to Job. He goes on to argue that we are but dust and can easily be crushed. Eliphaz tells Job that he should turn to the Lord for answers. Job replies by saying that he has the right to be angry and compares it to putting salt on food. Job will not quiet down he will be complaining to the bitterness of his soul.

Bildad speaks up and asks how long are you going to be complaining since it wasn’t your fault. He goes on to say that Job’s children died because they had sinned but the other stuff in on Job make yourself right with the Lord. Bildad goes on to say that just as plants need water to grow so do we need hope in our lives. Job replies to this by saying sure I know this but The Lord has done some incredible things Job then continues to claim his innocence saying that he hasn’t sinned so his ill fortune can’t be blamed upon him.

Zophar is the last to speak up and is a huge jerk about it. Zophar goes to say that sure Job is pure and everything for God to speak to him, but God is bigger than Job. The devastation wrought by the Lord to Job is less than what he deserves. Then it gets even worse as Zophar goes on at length about Job’s immorality. Job responds that there is no doubt that all his friends are smart and they have all the wisdom that the world need but Job has some opinions of his own as well. Sure he’s the laughing stock of the town but he wants some answers and wants them from the Lord is need be.

None of these “friends” give Job any real help they all says that  it’s something Job did and he needs to make it right with the Lord. None of these theories are right Job is being put to a test and it isn’t anything he’s done.

Next week we will look at the second series of speeches.



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