Second Sunday in Lent

Continuing on in our Lenten Journey we hear a little more Salvation History, this week we look at trust. In Genesis we hear about the time Abraham took his son, his only one, the one that he loved, up a mountain and offered him as a holocaust. At the last minute an angel appears and stays the hand of Abraham and the Lord provides a ram caught in the thicket as a sacrifice. This is a good story for us to remember during Lent since Abraham is willing to sacrifice his whole world for the Lord. Abraham has absolute trust in the Lord. Then during the season of Lent we give up silly things like sweets or soda, could we have to strength to give up the thing that we care about the most in the world just because the Lord asked you to. Sure Abraham was being tested but earlier the Lord had promised his descendants to be as numerous as the stars so if Abraham had followed through would Sarah bare another son? Thankfully the Lord saw the lengths that Abraham was willing to go to for the Lord and stopped Abraham from killing his son.

In the second reading we hear from Paul’s letter to the Romans we are asked “If God is for us, who can be against us?” This is the most important verse in the reading and does a great job as summarizing the other readings as well, we all should recognize that the Lord is always pulling for us no matter what. This is difficult for so many people to grasp if God is on everyone’s side we should treat each other as brothers and sisters and there should be no war or violence in the world.

Turning to the Gospel we hear from Mark of the Transfiguration of the Lord, Mark’s version of the story is one of my favorites simply for the whole and they kept the matter to themselves part. This is a common thread in Mark’s Gospel not telling most notably it is how the Gospel ends. So Jesus takes Peter, James and John up a mountain and Jesus turns dazzling white. Elijah and Moses appear and converse with Jesus. Dumb ole Peter suggests build tents and like selling tickets for people to come see. Then there is a voice from the heavens which says “This is my beloved Son, Listen to him.” At this Moses and Elijah have gone away and it’s just Jesus with them on the mountain. I hope that during Lent we can recognize that Christ is with us on top of the mountains of our lives. I hope that through the readings this week we can remember the trial of Abraham and the transfiguration we are never alone The Lord continue to watch over us and bless us in our times of need.


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