Barry Lyndon (1975), Bullitt (1968) and Jersey Boys (2014)

With all the snow that my area has received I’ve had some free time and I watched a couple of movies. Some have been on my list of movies to see forever and others were a nice reprieve from the serious film classics. As always spoilers are bound to follow.

Barry Lyndon is one the forgotten Stanley Kubrick film, It is based on the novel The Luck of Barry Lyndon by William Makepeace Thackeray. Kubrick had wanted to make like a Vanity Fair movie but it was made into a miniseries and he felt that the book couldn’t be adequately adapted for the short time span that film provides. First and foremost the film looks superb it was cool with the use of candles as that is what would have been used to light a room back in the 18th century.  As for the story it is a two part tale in the first part we watch as Redmond Barry try to make something of himself. He runs from home after he duels his cousin’s fiance and runs into a highwayman only to lose everything. So he joins the army of Great Britain and fights in the seven years war.,While in the army he deserts and tries to make his way to freedom only to be caught by the Prussian and Barry is coerced into serving for Prussia. After the war Barry stay in Prussia where he becomes a undercover agent trying to root out the Chevalier who they suspect as a spy, although he is just a simple gambler. Barry and the Chevalier make there way out of Prussia and go around Europe cheating people out of money. Barry tires of gambling and decided to marry into wealth and falls for the Countess of Lyndon and after her elderly husband dies they marry.  In part two we see Barry try to make money on his own unsuccessfully thought and the other misfortunes that Barry encountered.  To be honest about the film it drags on a lot for as much as I really wanted to like the film I felt it was like a half an hour too long. Now I only have to the early Kubrick film left to see.

Bullitt was a big disappointment. For all the hype the film gets for it’s car chase, the best part of the film, the rest of the film seems flat. I think it also has to do with seeing so many car chases that have been influenced by the Bullitt scene that perhaps I’ve been let down by seeing a whole bunch of stuff that came after. As for the film Bullitt follows a San Francisco Police Lieutenant Frank Bullitt who has been charged by a politician at keeping a “Mob informant” safe until the subcommittee hearing takes place. Why the Senate was meeting in San Francisco in never mentioned. But as it turns our the informant really stole two million from the Chicago mob and they are trying to kill him. The mob get to him and shoot him up, although we later learn that this man is not the one who is trying to make off with two million from the mob. Just watch the car chase and you will be fine, it’s bound to be somewhere on the internet.

Jersey Boys is the film based on the musical based on the life of the Four Seasons. Clint Eastwood directs the film and it’s alright. They took the stage musical and tweaked it a bit and filmed it. The film simplifies many things in the story as well and make it a nicer story overall by cutting some things. This film has Christopher Walken in it so there that to it as well. It was interesting to learn a bit more about the Four Seasons.


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