News Round up

Broadway: This is some big news Hamilton the new musical from Lin-Manuel Miranda from all the reviews I’ve read it is a phenomenal show and they show will be transferring to Broadway this Summer as well as producing a Cast Recording. This is Miranda’s second show to make it to Broadway. Now since the move will not happen until July we have to wait until the 2016 Tony Awards to see if it wins anything. If you are up in New York make some time to go see this show, it is currently running at the Public.

Vatican: This is real cool news the Swiss Guard has said that they are ready to defend the Pope if ISIS ever tries anything. To be completely honest I wanted to be a Swiss Guard since I was little, I think it was mostly because they wear pajamas all the time. As I grew older I learned you need to be Swiss to join so I could never join.  Beside having one of the coolest military uniforms of all time the Swiss Guard is a full blown military order which is the defacto military of Vatican City. We often forget about the Swiss Guard as being anything more then at the Vatican for show.

Food: Peanut Allergies seem to be rising in America, and researchers are now saying that by feeding children peanuts seems to reduce the number allergic. This seems counter intuitive but for years the method of avoidance hasn’t done anything and perhaps exposure might send these peanut allergies packing. There hasn’t been much long term research on the topic this study only lasted five years, so perhaps more needs to be done on the topic. I am now wondering if this is the same for other food allergies as well and they can be prevented if you just have a little bit of everything as an infant. We will have to wait for more research to come out on this in the future.


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