The Book of Job: Part 1

First a quick overview of the Book of Job. It is a dramatic dialogue between Job and his three friends about the relation of suffering to human behavior. Job’s impassioned assault on the Lord has made this book a classic of World Literature. The book consists of five main sections a prologue, a dialogue between four people (although it is more of a monologue and response), a pair of monologues, and an epilogue

We begin the Book with a prologue which sets up to book, where Job is tested and proves faithful each time. This leads into the dialogue portion, where we hear speeches from three of Job’s friends This portion ends with Job demanding that the Lord come and defend himself. We next meet with Elihu, another one of Job’s friends who shows up and talks about divine providence Then the Lord shows up and speaks from a whirlwind giving a monologue about how great the Lord is and Job submits twice. We then reach the conclusion of the book Job’s friends are told to offer a sacrifice for speaking against the Lord and everything that Job lost is restored and he has more.  So scholars think that the prologue and conclusion were from like the oral tradition and the dialogues in the middle were added later on. This can sort of explain why Elihu appears and then just disappears.

Now onto the text.

Job( Iyov) a man from Uz, one of the most righteous and pious man in the world. He has seven sons and three daughters. Job had a large amount of animals and many servants and was considered the book say the Wealthiest man in the east. Job prayed for his children as he thought “My sons might have sinned and blasphemed God in their thoughts” so I better offer a sacrifice for them. So one day Satan bumps into the Lord and they have a little wager about Job. Satan went about erasing Job’s fortune and killing his children Job learn of losing everything  one after the other. So Job tore his garments and shaved his head saying he came into the world naked and he will leave the same way, what the Lord has given, the Lord can take away. Then Job praises the Lord.  A some time later, I guess, Satan and the Lord are back at it. The Lord is praising Job for being the most devout follower and he wouldn’t curse for anything. Satan then goes down and gives Job gross sores from head to toe. Three of Job’s friends show up they have come to offer sympathy and comfort for everything that Job has lost. They then sit with Job in the dirt. This is how the prologue begins.

This doesn’t seem like something that the Lord would do to a person bet on them against Satan that they will be faithful. This still happens today but Satan has gotten ever better and for many of us religion is that thing we do for an hour during the weekend. We need to be more like Job and willing to pray for everyone/thing Job was making sure that his Children would get into heaven with him. the thing that I find shocking about the story is that the Lord does the wager thing with the devil not once but twice for many of us this would be too much and we would be cursing God for all the bad things that are happening to this good person.

Next week we will look at the first set of speeches


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