Best and Worst in Film 2015 The Oscars and Razzies recaps

On Sunday was the Academy Awards and the evening before The Golden Raspberry Awards were held they honoring the worst in film. If  only the Razzies were televised I most likely would have watch, but since it isn’t I only watched the Oscars.

Razzies: Worst Movie of the year is Saving Christmas a movie about keep Christ in Christmas or something, it was only out in limited release for like two weeks and it ‘won’ all the awards it was up for. This year there was a special awards as well it was called the Razzie Redeemer where they honored the individual who has changed the most since “winning” Ben Affleck easily won this time around becoming a perennial Oscar darling these past couple of years, has all but erased Gigli from most people’s memory.

Oscars: Neil Patrick Harris was great from the start with the opening number and I really liked the part when Jack Black join in singing about how there are like two types of movies made currently. Most of the awards weren’t that big of a surprise, since the Oscars are the last big award show of the year and we get a pretty good idea of what’s going to win before the show . The biggest winner of the night was The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman both taking home four Oscars. The only real surprise that I had was when Boyhood and\or Richard Linkleter didn’t pick up Best Director or Picture, in my Oscar picks I had them split between Birdman and Boyhood, but Birdman pick up both awards. Disney once again won for animated picture and animated short film. I guess it you want to win an Oscar for animated film you need to do it in a year where there are no Disney movies made or they do like Cars 3It was a very informative night as well I learned both Common and John Legend’s real names and that Lady Gaga is a decent singer. There were calls for us to call our parents and tell them you love them, a cry for Women’s equality in the United State, as well as nods to crisis hotlines, and recognition of people with ALS and Alzheimer’s. The one thing that I would have changed was during the In Memoriam segment I would have had Jennifer Hudson singing the song while the segment happened instead of afterward


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