Over here in America we have just gotten a network to pick QI (Quite Interesting) the comedy quiz show from BBC. It’s a brilliant show as it is informative and funny at the same time. It seems like this would be something that networks would be pushing to bring to America and do their own version. However according to wikipedia this hasn’t happened since the show is very expensive to air since there are lots of copy-written images used on the show. John Hodgman is one of the more vocal of US comedians who want the show in America. BBC America has picked up the show and started broadcasting it. It has also been available on Hulu. It’s a fun show and would/should be a perfect fit for like PBS this would also greatly grow the audience of the show and they could air the XL episodes in full and without commercials which I think ruin the pace of the show. It you missed it this week BBC America will be airing the show on Thursday evenings over the next 5 weeks. The  episodes are from the “J” series every episode has a theme or topic starting with the letter J. This is the same for the previous and future series as well, “L” just finished airing across the pond. If you want to learn something and be entertained at the same time check out this show.


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