News Roundup

Movies: Marvel has worked out a deal with Sony so that Spider Man will now be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It looks like this will signal the end of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker. There is some speculation that this calls for another reboot of the series and many people around the internet are hoping that we don’t get another origin story for Peter Parker but we get Miles Morales instead. This would be a big change as Miles Morales would be the first major non white superhero and this is something that needs to happen as so far they have all been white.

Television: Yet another shake up in the Late Night world as Jon Stewart has announced that he will be leaving the Daily Show. Although this doesn’t mean the show is ending but it will be the end of an era since Stewart has hosted the show since 1999. There is not official last date for Jon’s last day but there is bound to be some extended farewell Jon event later this year. This seems logical for Stewart to leave this year since the next presidential election is in 2016 and although there will be some jockeying for the nomination this year the real meat of the election begins January 2016. Who will take over is the biggest question, will it be one of the correspondents like Samantha Bee, Jason Jones or Assif Mandvi or could John Oliver be brought back from HBO or will they pick someone not connected with the show in any way shape of form and perhaps a woman. We will have to wait and see what become of this transition.

Music: I stumbled upon this article about singing. The article argues that there is no such thing as tone deaf people as research out of Northwestern University suggests that singing is not a talent but rather a learned skill. The study compared three age groups (kindergarten, 6th grade, college aged) on singing accurately. The study showed improvement from kindergarten to 6th grade and then a decline in the college aged, and the results of the college aged were around the levels of kindergarten. This indicates some truth to the “use it or lose it” effect. Should music singing become one of those required electives in the future? With so many television shows about singing or featuring singing can we remove the stigma from singing as a society. Everyone should know how to sing and should be able to at least carry a tune.



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