X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

Days of Future Past is the lynchpin movie that is supposed to tie the original trilogy, the Wolverine movies and the reboot (First Class) together in one single timeline. They did a good job at this and it was a fun movie. I think one of the clever things that they did was that you didn’t have to see the old trilogy to follow the movie, you only really needed to see First Class since it is a sequel to that movie.

Days of Future Past begins in the future, Gigantic robots, know as Sentinels have been sent to exterminate all mutants and their human allies. Professor X and the other have an idea have Kitty Pryde can use her ability to send Wolverine’s consciousness back into the past in order to stop an assassination which was the catalyst for building the Sentinels.  So Wolverine is sent to 1973 and wakes up in his body and set off to find Professor X, Magneto and Mystique. There are some cool scenes here as Magneto is in a prison underneath the Pentagon and Professor X and Wolverine need some help to free him, they uses Quicksilver, who runs really fast to get Magneto out.  After this they travel to the Paris Peace Accords where Mystique is on a mission to kill the man behind the Sentinels. This doesn’t go well and it brings mutants to be revealed to society. After this “attack” Nixon feels that the Sentinel program is worth it and as they are being unveiled Magneto goes comes around and drops RFK stadium around the White House.  Here is where we begin to see things as they were in the original movie. One of the biggest things that the film did was basically revert everything that happened in the original trilogy since Cyclops and Jean Grey are both alive in the present when Wolverine wakes up.

I though they did a wonderful thing by skipping ten years from First Class as it meant that there is more that is simply left unsaid that you have to infer about what happened. Some elements would have made for an interesting film, like JFK being a mutant, and other mutants like those picked up from in Vietnam during the film were they a unit by themselves, how did that work? This film make me a little excited for X-Men: Apocalypse, which is set in the 1980s Bryan Singer has said that this film will focus on the origin of the mutants. It sounds interesting and I’ve read somewhere that they are working on a live action X-Men show that would be interesting, although I think that with the wide selection of superheroes based television shows on television currently or debuting soon there needs to be a point where they stop.


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