A couple of years have passed in the life of Christ since we last heard about him Proclaiming the Kingdom. Although Jesus continually preaches about the Kingdom during his public ministry, through the use of parables. So one day towards Jesus goes up a mountain with Simon Peter, James and John, and while upon the mountain Moses and Elijah appear and Jesus started to glow a radiant white. Peter sees this and thinks lets build some tents so this encounter with Christ and the Prophets can continue for days up on the mountain top.

In the broadest sense we are all a lot like Peter as there is a place for religion and we want to compartmentalize it and sell tickets or even ignore it except for Sundays and other major Holy Days. Is the hour that we spend at Mass on Sunday enough time for worship or do we all need to find some way to incorporate prayer into our daily lives. If you haven’t guess by now I pray the Rosary once a week and I don’t think that it’s really an adequate amount of time for prayer but I make room for it.  Peter, James and John encounter the glorified Lord at the Transfiguration but the biggest thing in the whole story is that they promise not to tell a soul about it. We are like the apostles not wanting to tell a soul about how we experience our faith lives since it is something deeply personal to each one of us. We need to be able to tell about the wonders that we experience and help build the Kingdom here on earth.


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