Super Bowl 49

We finally made it to the big game and all the talk about deflated balls is finally over, but will this talk be revived since the Patriots won the game, at least we know that this game there were no under inflated balls, just over inflated hype.

So Brady and Belichick are the “greatest coaching\QB combo” in NFL history this century. They won their fourth title together, however It doesn’t make those two loses look any better. During the game several times they were saying how Brady surpassed Montana for the most Touchdowns passes thrown in the Super Bowl, but Tom’s been to 6 Joe only went to 4, however this isn’t that hard to believe since the Patriots have been to almost half of the Super Bowls since 2001. Sure Brady and Belichick will be in Canton one day but I won’t call them the greatest QB and Coach combination in NFL history. However we all saw the game and clearly know that the Seahawks lost it for themselves by passing instead of running it in for a touchdown. Sure I am not a huge fan of the Patriots and strongly believe that their first Super Bowl win was a manufactured one in was the first Super Bowl after 9/11 and the Patriots beat The Greatest Show on Turf with a field goal as time expired, but they won yet again. Hopefully Tom and Bill will retire one of these years and The Patriots can return to mediocrity.

Food wise: I had some bratworsts that I made on Saturday, it was my first time making sausage and I need to try again as they needed more spice and were a bit over cooked, I also had some white  chicken chili which was pretty good.

Commercials: Surprisingly I thought that there were only like three really great commercials. Snickers with Danny Trejo as Marsha in the Brady Bunch, one with the Fiat and Viagra and the Doritos one in the plane .


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