Musicals and Religion

So this is an idea I’ve been toying with for some time now, for a couple of years that if you look hard enough you can find religious elements in some of the most exciting things, including theatre.  Theater is awesome, from the very beginnings the plays written are crazy, filled with double entendre, and huge phalloi.  I’ve got a large collection of musical theatre cast recording in my music library, I think that theatre and musicals are something that everyone should have some relationship with. I mean even Jack Kennedy liked musicals, Camelot to be precise. The really cool thing is that when we look at theatre today we still see crazy plays that are filled with double entendre, the only thing that we are missing is the huge phalloi used to celebrate Bacchus.

It all began while I was listening to Sweeney Todd several year ago during lent and I was struck by the song Not While I’m Around and how it fits with the season. As you can have Toby’s part being something said to us by Jesus.

Nothing’s gonna harm you, No, sir, Not while I’m around.
Demons are prowling Everywhere  Nowadays.
I’ll send ’em howling, I don’t care — I got ways.
No one’s gonna hurt you, No one’s gonna dare.
Others can desert you —Not to worry —Whistle, I’ll be there.
Demons’ll charm you With a smile For a while, But in time
Nothing can harm you, Not while I’m around.

Since with Jesus not much can harm us, the demons are sent away. Jesus just wants to protect everyone from any problems that fall upon them. From this revelation I started looking at other musicals where I could do this with and realized that anything will do. If you look hard enough at anything you can find some faith. That’s something special about theatre as well as everyone bring their own personal experiences into the show so the same play or musical can have a different meaning to different people.

Should I develop this idea any further and perhaps one day get a book deal for it, or just leave it as is. Since this all could just be me putting to much meaning into musicals where there is no meaning to be had, like the green light in Gatsby.


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