News Round up

Pope Francis after his record setting mass with over 6 and a half million or so people in Manilia  Francis made some general remarks about his upcoming travels cheif among this was the confirmation that the Pontiff will be traveling to the US in the fall to visit Philly for the World meeting of Families and there are people already complaining about it mostly in Philly about weddings and there not being enough rooms in hotels for people to hold their weddings or something ridiculous like that. Francis will also be stopping in NYC for the UN and in DC he wants to canonize Junipero Serra .

Movies: Over on Netflix the latest James Franco/Seth Rogen film The Interview will be hitting their stream on Saturday. So if you really want to watch it to see what the fuss was about your in luck as you can do it for free now.

But the biggest news of the week is the State of the Union Address. NPR has a nice wrap up of the event. President Obama brought to Congress and the American people a bunch of ideas and something should come from it. A lot of what was proposed wold help the middle class (raising the minimum wage, lessening the cost of child care, free community college). The Daily Show and Nightly Show will have recaps of the speech tonight.



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