Wedding Feast at Cana

As we move along through the Life of Christ we reach the all important moment in the Rosary where Jesus finally starts on his public ministry. We know the story Mary, Jesus and some disciples went to a wedding. At some point in the evening the wine runs out. So Mary goes to Jesus and basically says could you do something about this. Jesus doesn’t like this one bit and snaps at his mother “My time has not yet come” or something to that effect.  Then Mary goes to the servants and tells then “Do whatever he (Jesus) tells you to do.” So Mom wins on that one, Jesus tells the servants to fill up some stone barrels with water and bring some to the chief steward and it’s some great wine. That is the first miracle and the beginning of the Public Ministry of Jesus.

One of the biggest thing that we see here is that parents are always wanting the best for their children no matter what. Even if they don’t need the help parents will still be there offer to that extra push in some way. Parents love their children and want they to succeed at whatever they do. Mary knew it was time for Jesus to start his ministry. Deep down we’ve got to show our love  and thanks for our parents even though they do so much for us. If you have a chance during this week tell your parents how great they are and thank them for all that they do. We think that Veterans don’t get enough recognition, but I would say that it is our parents who the least recognition. So thanks Mom and Dad for all that you do, trying to push me like Mary did to Jesus.


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