Lesser known saints

Marius, Martha, Audifax, and Abachum (died 270)
This group is a family of saint, husband, wife, and their two sons. Not much is really known about them. According to sources they were martyred for sympathizing with and burying Christians. I only mention them since there are not too many families which you could call all members saints, with the exception of the Martin Family.

Agnes of Rome (c. 291 – c. 304)
Agnes is one of the eight women mentioned during the Eucharist prayer. She is the patron saint of a wide variety of things (chastity, gardeners, girls, engaged couples, rape victims, and virgins). According to tradition Agnes was martyred at 12 or 13 and she was sentenced to be pulled naked through the streets to the brothel that much the various sources agree upon. However various legends about about how exactly it happened, one says Agnes prayed and her hair grew covering herself another says that the men who attempted to rape her were struck blind. In another account Agnes is tied to a stake and they set it on fire and the flame don’t touch her. She is an interesting young woman and your should go and read more about her.

Cyril of Alexandria (c. 376 – 444)
Cyril is a Church Father, a Doctor of the Church and has the titles of “Pillar of Faith” and “Seal of all the Fathers.” He’s pretty important as he wrote a lot and formed the base of mariology (Blessed Virgin Mary) that we know today. Cyril also was a central figure at the Council of Ephesus where Nestorianism became a heresy.

Vincent Pallotti (21 April 1795 – 22 January 1850)
Vincent Pallotti was born of a noble Roman family at 16 he decided to become a priest.  Soon there after he was ordained. As a priest he worked selflessly for the poor opening schools for tradesmen to learn more about their trade. Some people were calling him a second Phillip Neri. Pallotti founded the Society of the Catholic Apostolate, known as the Pallottines. They follow Pallotti’s belief that all are called to revive faith, rekindle charity and be apostles. Vincent Pallotti is an incorrupt saint. John XXIII named him a Saint in December of 1963 and is considered one of the patrons of Vatican II.


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