The Baptism of Jesus

In the first Luminous mystery we go back to the baptism in the Jordan. this should be fresh in our minds since we just heard this past weekend from Matthew of the Baptism of Jesus. Jesus is now all grown up and he goes to John the Baptist to be baptized. As Jesus is coming up from being immersed they, or he depending on the account, hear a voice from the heavens “This is my beloved son, with whom I am well pleased.” This past weekend I tossed out the notion that this statement should be applied to all baptized, since it is in baptism when we enter into the body of Christ.

Many of us are baptized as infants and then perhaps we go to a handful of others, if we have younger siblings, nephews or nieces, or have friends who have a child or our own children. This is heartbreaking as baptism is one of the best sacraments as it has water, oil, fire, and it’s own special garments. Sure if you go to the Easter Vigil you will see a couple but infant baptisms on a Sunday at an actual Mass are few, at least where I live. The key element of baptism isn’t so much the water but it is the oils as in baptism we are anointed with two oils, the oil of Catechumens and the oil of Chrism. With the catechumens oil we are marked as members of the Christian family. Then water is poured or the individual is dunked three times. After which the Holy Chrism is placed upon the head and the individual is anointed like Jesus as prophet, priest and king. Then comes the baptismal gown followed by the baptismal candle.

Later on in Confirmation we are again anointed with the Holy Chrism and breathed upon. In the Eastern Church Confirmation does not exist as it is tied to Baptism and called Chrismation. Should the Catholic Church rethink when Confirmation takes place or should the education leading up to Confirmation mean a little more to those undertaking the process. When I was confirmed we had to memorize things but what they were I couldn’t tell you. However more on confirmation later.

Finally I would like to extend a hearty congratulations of the Virginia Tech Hokies who are the only team to have beaten the College Football National Champions The Ohio State Buckeyes.


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