Golden Globes and Championship Football

So this past weekend we found out who will be playing in the NFC and AFC Championship games this upcoming Sunday. The NFC game is a rematch of the week one matchup Green Bay at Seattle, with Aaron Rogers nursing his injury I am not sure that I have any faith in the Packers to compete against Seattle in Seattle, which features one of the best home field advantages in the nation. Seattle won the first meeting. In the AFC we also have a rematch of a week 11 match up Indianapolis at New England. This game will be billed as the past vs the future or something like that. New England won the game in the regular season. I am hoping Indianapolis pull of an upset since Tom Brady and Bill Belichick have won the AFC enough times.

Sunday was also the kickoff of the award season as the Golden Globes were presented. It was Tina Fey and Amy Poehler’s last time hosting so that was a bit exciting. Movie-wise we need to keep an eye out come Oscar time for Boyhood and The Grand Budapest Hotel as they both won for best movie. I’d say that Boyhood has a better chance of winning the Oscar for best picture. Eddie Redmayne took home honors for his Stephen Hawking and seems like a shoo in to take home the Oscar. In the Animate Pictures race, Dreamworks finally took home an award for How to train your Dragon 2 and puts it as the front runner for the Oscar. On the television side of things we have streaming services (Netflix, Amazon) taking huge steps into the future picking up wins for Best Comedy (Transparent), and Actor in a Drama (Kevin Spacey) and in a Comedy (Jeffrey Tambor).  It was also a big night for The CW as it took home it’s first real award with Gina Rodriguez’ win for Actress in a Comedy. If you haven’t had the time to see these movies or television shows there is still some time before the Oscars are handed out and plenty of time before the Emmy awards.

Today is the first National Championship game for college football, the FBS (Division 1-A) football schools as the FCS (division 1-AA) school already declare a National Champion the North Dakota State Bison who took home their fourth consecutive championship. The FBS Championship game features The Ohio State Buckeyes facing the Ducks of Oregon. Both teams have a loss this season and I really don’t care who wins that game. Although it would be funny is Ohio State wins with their only loss a home loss to this season’s middling Virginia Tech team. Chip Kelly must be kicking himself for jumping to the NFL too soon, he could have won a championship finally.


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