Finding in the Temple

Well, Jesus has grown like a weed, it seems like only a week since he was presented in the Temple.

In the Bible this is the only story that takes place while Jesus is a boy, although other stories can be found in non-canonical gospels. This story gives us a glimpse into the life of the Holy Family and they are just like you and me. The family goes on a vacation and a child gets lost for some time, and when the parents find the child they say something like I wasn’t lost you should have known where to find me. The summer before I was in sixth grade my family took a trip to Disney World. I entered a Disney Adventure magazine contest and had won. On one day we went to Epcot and my Mom was waiting on a bench with my sisters and me while Dad went off somewhere, i don’t remember where, but I got tired of waiting. So I said that I was going to find Dad, but I got sidetracked as Epcot had a huge video game exhibit where you could play games and there were robots as well, so I went there and played some games and when I came back my family was no longer on the bench so I just went back to play some more video games. Eventually I found them wondering around looking for me, since I was lost and didn’t known any better.

So I know what Jesus was feeling it’s not that Jesus was lost he knew where he was but Mary and Joseph had no clue, both thought Jesus was with the other one. There are times in our lives where we may feel like Mary and Joseph searching constantly for Christ in our lives but are unable to find Jesus. Other times we are like Jesus doing our own things and hoping it’s for the best but to other it seems like we are lost. Help us to be able to have the patience to like Joseph and Mary take the time to find Jesus and the moxie to be like Jesus and step out from what is expected and get lost every now and then.


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