NFL Playoffs

It’s that time of the year again, NFL playoffs have started and the Wild Card weekend is over. There were some pathetic games this weekend as most of the favored teams came away with a win. The only big sort of surprise was the Ravens beating the Steelers but they are division rivals so the game could have gone either way.

This upcoming weekend we will see on the AFC side Peyton Manning hosting his former team and the Ravens heading to New England for a meeting with Tom Brady, and over in the NFC the Packers and the dreaded Wisconsin Winter will be hosting the Cowboys on Sunday and Carolina makes it way to Seattle, where they also have a feared Home field advantage.

It will be only 19 in Green Bay on Sunday and it is a classic match up a renewal of the Ice Bowl, so I’ve got to back the Packers, and Seattle just doesn’t lose at home that often. So in the NFC it looks like the top seeds will advance yet again.  Over in the AFC if luck would have it we will get the inevitable Peyton Manning/Tom Brady matchup that everyone loves to watch. Hopefully Manning can get over the hump and beat the Patriots yet again making it back to the Super Bowl. On the other hand Joe Flacco and the Ravens could get past the Patriots or Andrew Luck might best Manning and the Broncos.  Looks like we will have to watch at least the AFC games next weekend.


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