Into The Woods (2014)

I saw this movie as well, right after I saw the Hobbit sorry for the long break between the two, and it was enjoyable. Once again Into the Woods is based on the musical of the same name.

My biggest problems were that I do not think that Meryl Streep made the most attractive witch her hair was up and had a few less wrinkles, and Johnny Depp was a disappointment as there could have been so much that he could have done with the role of the wolf but we get this guy in a zootsuit with pointing ears for some reason. Other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyable movie and I would gladly watch it again. Anna Kendrick, Jame Corden and Emily Blunt are all wonderful in it. Now if you want to watch Into the Wood I would still recommend watching the original Broadway Cast PBS special that they did in the 80s with Bernadette Peters.

However the film version is one of the better film adaptations of a stage musical in years. They took the core of the show and tossed it up on the screen sure there were little tweaks here and there that only a few people really notice but it felt like the same entity, unlike some of the past screen adaptations where they became different things entirely. I wonder if The Last 5 Year can do the same, and I hope that with the success of this adaptation that more film versions of musical start appearing on the screen, I would really love to see Aida, the musical, on screen more than anything.


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