The Epiphany of the Lord

As that classic bumper sticker or whatever it was says “Wise [people] still seek Him.” If you haven’t guessed it is time for the Three Kings to make an appearance in the Nativity story. Like other feast days the readings for this particular day do not change year to year. We begin with the prophet Isaiah. This is a very joyous reading as the Israelites have returned from exile Isaiah shouts “Your light has come, the glory of the Lord shine upon you.” This is a call for all of us to bring the light to the world and conquer the darkness. Jesus would echo this statement later saying “You are the light of the World” and if that light is hidden it doesn’t do anyone good. We must live our faiths.

This message continues in Paul’s letter to the Ephesians where he emphasizes that Jesus didn’t come just for the Jewish people but for all men women and children even the Gentiles who Paul calls co-heirs and partners in the promise of Jesus Christ. This statement is something that many Christians it seems have trouble with in the world today, with the rise of the LGBT community many are ignoring that fact that Jesus came for all people and trying to get all people to be “normal” sexually (male/female) through whatever means are necessary. In light of the recent death of Leelah Alcorn we need to now more then ever to remember that Christ comes for all people and the angels first came to the outcasts in society the shepherds to announce the good news.

Turning to the Gospel we hear from Matthew how there came magi from the east, they met with King Herod asking where the King of the Jews was and Herod had the chief priest and scribes looked it up on Google or something. They say In Bethlehem, so the magi set off and they bring to the newborn king gold, frankincense and myrrh. These magi represent the whole world so it is the outcast and the rest of the world who learn of the birth of Jesus before anyone else. Let us be willing and able to be like the shepherds and magi and bring the news of Christ to the world.


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