Resolutions, Books and Predictions

As we begin the new year it is time for resolutions and other various goals for the upcoming year. Everyone has those resolutions that they set year after year this year i will lose weight or go to the gym. Most resolution have to do with better healthy in the new year. A few individuals take their resoultion and run with them and succeed but for many other of our resolutions will fall to the wayside before this winter is over, but I think that setting goals for the year are more reachable. Like going meatless once a week, running ten minutes a day, or trying to learn a new language these are goal that are attainable and easy to   keep track of.

Over on Goodreads they have a for the past five years had a reading challenge where you challenge yourself to read however many book during the year they keep track as long as you enter in what you are reading i find the site to be a rather good one.  It was bought by Amazon last year so that should help with adding books and what nots. I’ve challenged myself to read 24 books over the year it doesn’t seem that difficult as long as I don’t pick up anymore books of short stories as those have really limited what I read the past two years.

This is also the time of year when we see lots of people making predictions about the year and since it is 2015 I’ve seen and heard a slew of people complaining that the world isn’t like Back to the Future II which is set in 2015.
To this group of individuals I really would like them to remember that it is only January and the events of the film do not happen until October 21, and the Cubs and Miami will not be facing each other in the World Series, however they could face off in the playoffs as they are both NL teams.

There are many individuals already saying that we will learn who is running of the White House in the 2016 presidential election sometime this year as well, I really hope that we have a reprieve from a Clinton or a Bush, although it would be pretty cool if Jeb became president just so the George W and Jeb can be the first brothers who were president or if Hilary does she’d be the first female president and Bill would be back as well. Although it does look likely that both parties might be thinking about running a minority or a female or maybe even a “young person” just to get votes. We will have to wait and see what happens.


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