News Roundup

World: I am sure we’ve all heard that tragic news of the plane crash in Indonesia and the fire on the ferry in the Adriatic Sea. It’s not the best news to end the year but I hope that we all can extend our prayers out to all of those effected by these major disasters.

Movies: This is a unique story it turns out Avatar came out 5 years ago but few people could recall much of anything from the movie. The article tries to answer Why Avatar has been forgotten? One of the biggest problems that the movie faces is that it didn’t really catch on in pop culture like other films. Sure everyone and their mother saw it and with the extra charge to see it in 3D as well. The only real thing that came from the film is America’s unwillingness to see another movie in 3D. Sure James Cameron has made plans for three more Avatar movies but are people going to want to go see them.

I also read that the newest Star Wars is the most anticipated film of next year outpacing the Avenger’s sequel


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