The Presentation in the Temple

As we heard on Sunday Jesus was brought by Mary and Joseph to Jerusalem to do the Jewish thin, circumcision and anointing .When they got to the temple they encountered a pair of figures that make a big impression Simeon and Anna the prophets in the temple. The Lord had promised both that they would see the savior before they would die. If only we could be as joyous as Simeon and Anna when they receive Jesus at the temple when we go to church and receive Jesus in the Eucharist.

This is also the first time that pain is introduced into the Rosary as Simeon tells Mary that Jesus is symbolized as a sword piercing Mary’s heart. So we need to remember the joy as well as the pain that Jesus and Mary suffer at the time of the crucifixion. I am sure for many of us when we go to church we are going through the motions and not really connecting with what is happening. As we enter into a new year perhaps we can take some time and take out time at mass, paying attention to all that is said and done. At each celebration of the Mass we witness the whole of the life of Christ for birth to Assumption so we should feel the joy and pain that are there in the readings.  Let us take some time before we go to church to read the upcoming reading for the week and then listen to the words as they are read.


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