The Hobbit: Battle of the way to connect this movie trilogy to Lord of the Rings (2014)

I finally got around to seeing the last trip to Middle Earth, for perhaps another decade or so, who know maybe Peter Jackson and the Tolkien Estate can come to terms and we could get another trilogy out of The Silmarillon, although I think that this would work best as like a miniseries. Although for what I’ve read and heard this is likely never going to happen, but perhaps some other tale might be given to Peter Jackson to adapt.  As usual there will be spoilers below so precede with caution, although the book has been out for decades.

The last trip to Middle Earth was a fun one but it seemed like the battle dragged on, as it felt like half the movie is just one battle the Battle of the Five Armies, the subtitle of the movie. The movie picks up right where the last one ends with Smaug swooping down to attack Laketown Bard has been locked up and the Master of the town is trying to flee with all the gold and riches of the town. The Dwarves in Laketown the she-elf, what-er-name are also on the move to get out of town before they are killed by Smaug who is having his way with the town burning it up left and right. Bard manages to escape from jail and Bard gets a bow and fires on Smaug nothing hit Smaug until Bard’s son brings a black arrow and together they aim and shoot Smaug dead.  This is the first like ten minutes of the film.

The rest of the dwarves make it to the Lonely Mountain and join with company. Thorin has gone made with his desire for the Arkenstone, the men of Laketown are joined by the Elves of Mirkwood to get their fair share of the Smaug’s treasure. Meanwhile, we learn where Gandalf has been and we see a fight not featured in The Hobbit at all. The wizards and other big elfs fight Sauron and push him back to the south, This is one of the actions that sets up LOTR.

Gandalf then joins the men, elves, dwarves in the epic battle to end all battles. These scenes look so cool, and they switch between all the locations in the battle. There is more of the Dwarf/elf romance thing, but it really doesn’t pay off in the end since the whole reason that the character was created was that there would be a female character in the movie, but even she needs to be rescued and it is only after the dwarf she loves dies is she able to kill the individual who killed the dwarf. One of the cool part of this final battle is that part of it takes place on a frozen waterfall. and it looks so cool. with Azog, an Orc throwing around a boulder on a chain.

Lots of people die and Bilbo wakes up from being knocked out and returns home, I really thought that the end  ties back into Lord of the Rings very well. We see Legolas being told that he should go look for a ranger named Strider and keep an eye on him. Bilbo makes it back home and the Sackville-Baggins have started to sell all of Bilbo’s things. The film then ends with Gandalf knocking on the door of Bilbo’s house as he does at the beginning of The Lord of the Rings.

All it all if you’ve seen the other two Hobbit movies go and see the film this is one of the movies that works better in theaters since it is such an epic story. However you could just wait until the special edition version comes out along with the boxset with Lord of the Rings as well. If you haven’t seen the other movies this is not something that you would want to see on its own. My biggest problem with the film is that nothing seems to happen for large chunks of the movie, and emphasizes the fact that this book, The Hobbit, would have worked better as a two picture movie, at the most. The other problem with the movie is that it is really long clocking in at least it felt like around 3 hours.


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