News Roundup

Movies: As it turns out Sony did release their movie The Interview as planned on Christmas, it seems like this was just some type of viral marketing plan for the film as the few theaters that are showing it are all sold out. From what I’ve read about the film it is not that great of a movie, the hack attack is what has made it a must see movie. I’ll be seeing a couple of other movies this weekend, the last Hobbit and Into the Woods and I am looking forward to seeing them.

Star Wars Holiday Special: Over the past like four years or so it seems like every Christmas there is some website going all out and talking about this special and of course linking to it for all to see. This year Salon joins the party is keeping this little gem in the Star Wars Universe alive. The Star Wars Holiday Special introduced Life Day to the world and we meet Chewie’s family and it also features Boba Fett’s first appearance in Star Wars. If you want something to watch that is ridiculous watch it.




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