The Books of Christmas

As we will be celebrating Christmas later this week is a break from the Rosary and this is going to be about books that I have to read around Christmas.

I have four books that I must reads at/around Christmas time. There are the popular ones  How the Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Seuss and The Polar Express by Chris Van Allsburg; along with some less popular ones The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey  by Susan Wojciechowski and The Three Talking Trees by Francis Timoney.  We will start with the popular ones, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a classic and has been made in to a classic cartoon and a great live action movie. I am a fan of The Grinch since it is about how the holiday has become over commercialized, but Christmas doesn’t come from a store perhaps as The Grinch posits Christmas means a little bit more than the presents. The Polar Express is my absolute favorite Christmas book, it might be that I had train track behind my house so it was something that I could listen for. Growing up I would do a reading of it every year before we went downstairs on Christmas morning,  It has been made into a movie as well, although not as popular as The Grinch it was a fine movie as well. This main idea of the story is belief, in the story it is about Santa but you can make it so it has some deeper meaning as well.

The next two aren’t as popular In The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey we hear about a gruff and gloomy woodcarver who happens to be the best in town is called upon by a widow and her son to make them a creche, or nativity set for them. Over time the boy and his mother soften Mr. Toomey’s heart as he make them the nativity set.  This book is about the small kindness that people can do for one another in making the set for the boy and his mother they weave themselves into Jonathan’s life. This is something that I think is needed more in the world today all to often do we keep to ourselves especially on our electronic devices so as we shut out the rest of the world around us and we are unable to notice what is right in front of us.  The final book is The Three Talking Trees, in my copy I have a article pasted in about why Christmas Trees are not perfect more on  that tomorrow.  In this book we hear about trees who prayed to God to be great thing, a palace, a big ship and a pulpit. They all get chopped down and turned into things but none of them get their wish the first tree become a stable, the second becomes a fishing boat and the last tree become a cross. This is about how God may answer of prayers but in unexpected ways since Jesus features into all three of the trees lives.

All four of these stories focus on an aspect of Christmas we should remember as we begin to celebrate since it is more than the gifts given but the kindness and generosity amongst people that are the real highlight of the season.  This kindness and generosity is something that give us hope that we can someday live in the world were this isn’t a seasonal thing but something that happens all the time.


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