Year end lists

It’s that time of year when everyone come out with the 10 most influential people, best shows on television, best movies of the year. I think that all these list mean nothing but people gobble them up. For instance Barbara Walter did her annual list of most influential people last week, it is a unique list and at the top of the list this year is someone that nobody could have guessed.

So on Walter’s list there Scarlett Johansson, the actress, who one could argue had a pretty big year.

Chelsea Handler, a comedian, is also on the list and she is taking a late night talk show to Netflix after Letterman announced his plans to retire Handler was someone who many people could see taking over as it would be a female hosting a late night talk show on the regular channels (NBC, CBS< FOX, ABC). As it would turn out Colbert would be announced as taking over for Letterman  and Handler got a deal with Netflix.

Host with the most Neil Patrick Harris, made the list since he was announced as the host of the Oscars, and everyone seems to like him.

The Koch Brothers made the list as well, at least David Koch, as did Oprah.

Elon Musk founder of SpaceX was on the list as well with snagging another NASA contract this time with the Commercial Crew missions is a big get for this tiny company.

Michael Strahan who joined Kelly Ripa as a co-host of Live with Kelly and Michael or whatever it’s officially called now.

George RR Martin the author of the Song of Fire and Ice books which Game of Thrones come from is in the news as well since the show is getting closer and closer to the book he is writing.

Taylor Swift (singer) Swift is the singer of the year basically her new album is a cross over smash for her and has done well to invogotate the slumping CD sales

Amal Clooney (wife of actor George Clooney): this is the biggest surprise of the whole list and she is the most interesting individual of the year for the simple fact that she married George Clooney. Many people on the internet erupted saying that she really isn’t that interesting or influential at all she was just lucky and married some the world famous bachelor although Brad Pitt got married as well and no one is talking about that.


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