News Roundup

Religion: The biggest piece of news to come out in recent days is the Vatican has released its report on the religious sisters in the United States. The big surprise of this whole report is that it is not as harsh as many people expected it to be but it was largely laudatory and praised the sisters in the United States as going to the fringes of society and working with these individuals.

Politics: The other big news is partially Church related as well the relations between Cuba and the US are thawing, or as Stephen Colbert put it the Cold War is finally over. The trade embargo is going to be lifted the US will soon re\open an embassy in Havana. It was none other than Pope Francis who played a pivotal role in this writing to both Obama and Castro and getting the Governments to talk with one another for the first time in a long time, and the news broke on his birthday as well

Movies:  Sony has backed down and scrapped their new movie The Interview because of all the threats that were coming from North Korea about it. It is no joke as North Korea had hacked Sony and said that if the film was released there would be bombings or something at movie theatres. The film features James Franco and Seth Rogen as an interviewer and his producer or something who are tasked by the CIA to kill the leader of North Korea. I think that the problem arose since they used Kim Jung-un’s name. The other problem is that it is another Seth Rogen/James Franco movie, how many of these movies do we have to see.


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