The Nativity

In this the third week of Advent we rejoice in the anticipation of the coming of Jesus at Christmas so it is fitting that we reflect on this mystery this week.

We all know this mystery Mary and Joseph go to Bethlehem for the census and they can not find room so they make due in a cave\barn, Mary bears a child and he is wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger. Angels announce the birth, Shepherds come to see what has happened and they are followed soon by Magi from the East bearing gifts.  St. Francis helped popularize the use of the creche, the nativity scene. This whole Holiday season in which we are in is all about giving sure everyone wants stuff but we are given the perfect gift in Jesus. He is all that we want and could ever need. Let us all this holiday season try to be like Jesus and bring joy to our fellow shoppers getting last minute gifts. It seems that over the years Christmas has become a huge consumer time with everyone going and buying and then receiving far more than we actually need. When there are so many people in even the United States who struggle to make ends meet this holiday should be less about the physical gifts given but more about the time spent with our families and friends. Friends and family are what really makes the holiday season so special. Sure it give high school friends a chance to reune and talk about what all has happened at college or later on their respective jobs. It also brings families together it is one of the few times during that year in which I see all my relatives and get to talk to them about everything.  Sure Christmas/New Years is exhausting with all the cooking and events you have to go to but it is a fun week that during the time seem so long what are we going to do all these days but when we all go back to work and\or school it will seem but a short time. Let us all savor the moments over Christmas, take some pictures and sit awhile and drink some.



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