South Park, Key and Peele and Peter Pan

This past season of South Park may have been one of the best season in a while I really liked how each episode built up on each other and came to a satisfying conclusion. I really liked the whole scope of the season and think it would be an interesting thing for them to continue in the future. The only problem is that we’ve got to wait all the way until next September for the next season.  Key and Peele is another one of the show that I really like the updated format this year\half season and it pairs well with South Park. If you haven’t watched any Key and Peele go watch some like now.

At long last NBC’s Peter Pan Live!? sure it’s great to have a musical on television during the holiday season but first of all the placement on the Thursday following Thanksgiving along with airing from 8-11pm is not great for the family audience the show wanted to pull. Next year NBC will be doing The Music Man and I really hope that it is on a Friday night or at some time when kids are not going to have to go to school the next day like that week they get off for Winter\Christmas Break.

On to the show, the casting was decent Allison Williams is talented but I think that she is just not that big of a name to be headlining a major television event and her father is Brian Williams. The biggest problem with the casting was Christopher Walken, sure he is talented and can dance up a storm but it never felt like it was Captain James Hook, it was always just Christopher Walken being Walken, and it also ruined the whole Hook/Mr. Darling think that the musical uses. I think It would have been better if Christian Borle who was Mr. Darling and Smee were Hook instead. My other disappointment was that they had and actual dog playing the dog, on stage this is typically played by a human.

As I noted last week they have added some new songs and changed some other the ‘racist song’ Ugg-a-Wugg has been changed to Blood Brothers and I really did not think it was a real big improvement on the song, I felt that it could still be considered a bit racist but you know how politically correct people are today.

All of the problems were not as bad as the amount of commercials that they aired up to the show about Peter Pan Live and then during it seemed like there were more commercial breaks this year than last. I also wasn’t a big fan of all the hashtags that NBC wanted people to be tweeting along at home. Sure I am looking forward to next year and hopefully they can find someone more notable to headline the show and someone who would actually work well in a musical, and it would be nice if there were other people from the Broadway community involved beside Christian Borle.


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