News Roundup

Washington DC: This past November, Washington DC the city voted to legalize marijuana, and now Congress is trying to reverse these actions. This is one thing that many people across the nation really have no idea of that goes on in DC the city. Congress has final approval of all laws and budgets that are set by the city council. So although the vote was for legalization passed, Congress has final say as to if is should actually be made into a law. It would be really nice if the city wasn’t an after thought. It is especially trying since many congresspeople¬† it seems spend little to no time in the actual city and are more concerned with getting things done for the people they actually represent, although you could argue that all DC residents are represented by every member in congress. This problem could be fixed with DC statehood or perhaps cityhood, or the city itself could caucus with Maryland come election time and have it’s own representative in the House.

Movies: The first trailer for The Last Five Years has been released and unlike most movie musicals it is using the music itself to sell the picture. The movie is adapted from Jason Robert Brown’s musical of the same name by Richard LaGravenese, he also directs. It stars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordon as the couple and we watch their relationship unfold and unravel at the same time, It is a pretty cool concept, and I am looking forward to it.

There is another big trailer that has been released, Inside Out the latest from Pixar. Looks like another great film, and it is an original idea as well. So many animated films have been sequels or spin-offs in recent years that it will be a nice change of pace.



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