Feast of the Immaculate Conception

Today is a Holy Day of Obligation, and even though we went to Church yesterday it’d be nice if you could make some time today to reflect upon Mary on this the feast of the Immaculate Conception. Last year if you can remember that far in the past this feast fell on a Sunday and the feast was transferred to Monday but the obligation was eliminated.

In the readings today we hear how God has promised a redeemer to come. We begin in Genesis where we see the fall from grace. After Adam had eaten of the fruit the Lord came into the garden looking for them and called out “Where are you?” Adam and Eve hid themselves as they were afraid since they were naked. They eventually came out. The Lord learned what had happened how the serpent had tricked Eve to eat the fruit. This was after Adam blamed it on Eve and she blamed it on the serpent. So God cursed the serpent to crawl on its belly, and enmity will be placed between the serpent and the woman and her offspring. This is shows us how caring God is as s\he doesn’t simply get rid of evil in the world but puts a hostility between evil and good it will exist but God trust us to be able to figure out what is good and evil. The Lord would also banish Adam and Eve from Eden and Eve had to deal with child bearing and Adam the working of the land.

As we turn to the second reading, since we get three readings today, we hear from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In this reading we hear from the introductory blessing which is a feature of all of Paul’s letters, in our reading we get the impression that we have been blessed since our birth and we should be thankful for this. We are also an important part in the grand plan for salvation, this is something that we often ignore we are a part of the salvation of the world. Mary is a huge example of being a part of the salvation of the world. This lead us to the Gospel, we hear Luke’s account of the Annunciation. This is where many people get confused as they think that the Immaculate Conception has to do with Jesus. Today if you have some free time pray a decade of the Rosary in honor of Mary.


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