First Sunday in Advent

This weekend we begin the season of Advent and the Year B in the readings cycle, meaning we will be reading from the Gospel of Mark with a little bit of John’s gospel as well. I think that the Pope has dedicated this upcoming year to the consecrated life as well.

We begin our reading this week with the prophet Isaiah. This reading come at a time in Isaiah where the Israelites were returned from captivity in Babylon and are frustrated “Why do you let us wander from your ways?” The Israelites are asking for God to return, I think this is both physically and spiritually, while they were in Babylon God seemed closer to them. They go on a bit about how they are sinful people and how they have not done all of what God has asked of them. The Israelites go on and on about how we are the clay and the Lord is the Potter and we are the work of your hands. It is only through the Lord that they will be redeemed. This idea carries through into the epistle from Paul to the Corinthians.

Our reading comes from the very beginning of the letter which typically is Paul addressing and blessing the people to whom the letter is addressed. Paul tweaks the message a bit saying that we need to follow Christ to be redeemed. Paul go on to say that we have the message shared in the gospels that constantly calls us into fellowship with Christ. If we can only be able to listen and hear the call to fellowship with one another as this will bring us closer to God.

As we reach the Gospel of Mark we hear a mini parable. Jesus tells his disciples to be alert for you never know when the time will come. Jesus offers the example of a man traveling who has appointed his servants in charge and left the gatekeeper to watch for we never know the time or the hour when the Lord will come again. In the world today this is a weird message as if seems like people want more and more information sent basially instantaneously. We are all about the Now, and it would be great if we could focus on the future. The Gospel is advocating for patience, this is a quality which seems to be slowly dying in the world as it seems like everyone wants everything now. Let us pray this week for an increase to our patience and also the all Consecrated men and women.


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