Star Wars Update

Well apparently the teaser trailer for the newest movie Force Awakens or whatever it’s called Episode 7 will be debuting next weekend at least according to someone on Reddit. It has been widely speculated that the trailer will be accompanying the last Hobbit movie and perhaps Into the Woods when they come out in December. The teaser will be like 90 seconds long and and tell us when it is coming out. Since the release date is next December and not in May, I believe that there is a new rule for trailers that the film need to be coming out in like the next 6 months or so, we most likely will not be getting any real footage from the film. A Thanksgiving release makes sense because Thanksgiving typically kicks off the time when big Oscar contender motion pictures come out. Where ever it appears first it will no doubtingly make it to the Internet on perhaps even on our televisions as well.


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