News Round up

Trains: This is a really cool story across the pond there is a new Transeurasian rail link. The link is going to be huge as it will cut down on ships to transport the items. This provides a direct link between Yiwu, China to Madrid, Spain. Yiwu is one of the big industrial centers in China and this will be a vital link to Europe for goods. This is the longest rail line in the world at 10000 km it surpasses that of the line that runs across Russia and is five time longer than the route taken by the Orient Express. It will take the train 21 days to go from China to Spain.

Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby has been in the news lately but not for good reasons, rape allegations have surfaced yet again. Then after this every network that was working with Cosby has dropped whatever they were doing, TVLand has stopped airing The Cosby Show, NBC has dropped the new show Cosby was working on and Netflix is canning/delaying? a new Bill Cosby comedy special. None of these claims have ever been brought to court and from the looks of it many of the alleged rapes took place a long time ago so isn’t there some sort of statue of limitations. Will the reemergence of these rape allegations change the way that many people view Cosby?

Washington Redskins: As the season under first year head coach Jay Gruden could get any worse, Griffin and Jackson among other players have spoken out about how frustrated they all are. As a long suffering fan this really isn’t news as it has been the status quo of the team since Dan Snyder took over. There is always so much dysfunction going on with this team. Now we have sports outlets saying that it is not Griffin’s fault. This upcoming draft the Redskins should have a full slate of picks and perhaps more if they trade a quarterback. Fans can only hope that the Redskins are patience and use their picks to start building a strong offensive line, strengthen the secondary and stop relying on trying to fill holes with Free Agents who are expensive but don’t show up to play as Synder has brought in so many busts over the past 15 years. Sure the team might not be winners automatically but in the NFL anyone can end up winning each weekend.



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