Assumption of Mary

We have finally arrived back with Mary. The Holy Spirit came down and inspired the disciples to go out into the world and spread the gospel message. According to tradition Mary lived with John and they both moved to Ephesus where Mary lived the rest of her life however long that was some say it was a full decade after the Easter events. Perhaps this is why she doesn’t figure into the epistles. Then Mary fell asleep or died and was brought up into heaven. These final two mysteries are not found in scripture anywhere so they are a bit more difficult to reflect upon, typically people like to go to the story in Revelation 12 which references it as does Paul’s letter to the Corinthians and Genesis, but neither of them actually says that Mary died or that she fell asleep and was brought into heaven. This is our final victory over death since Jesus rose we to have the chance to be brought up into heaven after we die as well.

Mary is one of the first examples of this that we have. Sure we have the early martyrs but Mary is the biggest individual in the life of the Early Church. We should always look towards Mary and see her as an example to follow in our own lives, people should look for Mary-like spouses. At my church each week we pray for an increase to vocations to the priesthood and religious life and ignore the other two vocational roles provided in the church married and single, the church should really be trying to embrace the roles that the married and non-religious single people can bring to the church. Mary should be a role model for all men and women regardless of vocation, that we too can one day share in the joys of heaven.



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