Christmas list planning

One of the worst things about this time of year is coming up with a Christmas list, sure I’ve got a master list which i use for my birthday as well. The list has five sections music, movies, books, clothing and expensive items. Clothing is on the list just because it is something easy to put on the list and everyone could use a couple of pairs of socks. The movies section over the past couple of years has really been used to swap out DVD for VHS versions of movies, I haven’t really made the commitment with Blu-rays yet, and who knows if there could be another major development in a couple of years . The music section has a nice range of music in it from jazz and musicals to punk and rock. Over the years the book sections has gotten pretty ridiculous as there are so many that I want to read.

This year the book list consists with some of the regular items perhaps a cookbook, classic works of fiction from Dostoyesky to Heinlein but the item that I really hope that I get this year is the trade paperback of The Star Wars. The Star Wars is a comic based on the draft version of Star Wars that came out over the past year. Any suggestions of any modern books that I should read?


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