33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

We are back with a regular Ordinary Time Sunday. Turning to the reading we begin in the book of Proverbs, it is a book that we don’t often read from on Sundays it is one of the wisdom books and is a part of the writings. In Proverbs we hear that a wife is far greater than pearls then it continues to go on and on about how wonderful women can be, and husbands must be able to entrust their hearts to them. In simple terms we must entrust their hearts into a worthy spouse as they are by far the most precious things in the world and we should be faithful to them at all times.

In our second reading we hear from Paul’s first letter to the Thessalonians, the people in Thessalonica were very concerned about the second coming and Paul spends a good part of the letter taking about it. In our reading today Paul tells them that we have no idea when it will happen. “It will come like a thief at night” without warning. This is when Paul informs them to stay alert and sober, being watchful about the end times but not asking to many questions about it.

Finally as we arrive at the Gospel, once again we are treated to a parable from Matthew. A master was going on a journey and he gave his three servants talents, five to one, two to another and one to the last individual. Now when the master had left the first two servants doubled their money while the third buried the money. When the master had returned he called back the servants and praised those who increased the money they were given great responsibilities and shared in the master’s joy. Now the servant who did nothing with his talent came forward and said “I know that you are a demanding person, so out of fear I buried it and here it is back again.” The master was not happy with this and ordered that his talent be given to the man with ten, for to whoever has many more is given and the ones who have nothing even that will be taken away. It is widely believed that this will be what happens when Jesus comes again, will be like one of the good servants who doubled what was given to us or will be like the third who was thrown out to where there is wailing and grinding of teeth.

This parable gives us an interesting outlook if we look at it as talents=money it reminds us that the rich will get richer and the poor will be thrown out into the streets. However if we look at it as talents=faith we want the Word of God to be spread and the more we try to get the message of Christ out into the world the better we will be, this is similar to the talents=skills we need to be using our skills in the world and not keeping them hidden. Are we someone who doubles the talents given to us or do we hid them under a bushel basket? As we inch closer to the end of this season and liturgical year let us reflect upon our many blessing we have received this past year and how we can try and bring these blessing to other in the upcoming year.


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