College Basketball Season begins

We’ve come to that time of the year when basketball season begins on campus across the nation.  I went to college at a school without a football team so this is a huge deal to me and I’ve been following since I went to college. It also helps that my school, VCU, just happens to be one of the most consistent teams over the past decade.

This season we will see the ACC with 4 Hall of Fame Coaches on the courts, Coach K will get his 1,000 win but it will take him another year to reach the great Pat Summitt. That’s about all that we can really be sure of so far. There are many people saying that Kentucky will run to table and go undefeated and take home the National Championship, but that hasn’t happened since 1976. Last season we had Wichita State go undefeated in the regular season before losing in the NCAA tournament, this might happen with Kentucky this year but with so many Mid-Major schools growing competitive programs come March anyone can win. My biggest hope for this season is that my Rams from VCU can finally win the Atlantic 10 as they’ve gotten to the championship game the past couple of seasons but haven’t gotten over that hump yet.



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