New Lost Gospel?

There is a new “Lost Gospel” story going around it seems like about every year or so we get a story like this. This lost gospel has a story about Jesus and his wife Mary Magdalene  and their two children. There is also an assassination attempt on Jesus prior to the crucifixion. Almost everyone who has written an article on this have all expressed some sense of disbelief as this newly translated Gospel. The document has been sitting in the British Museum for a long time and some scholars have looked at it before hand so I really doubt that this is really a new gospel. Even if it were a new Gospel it would not be joining the Biblical canon as I believe that has been set since like the 3rd century or something.

However ever many years pass by there will always be these gospel or fragments popping up and trying to change out point of view. I wonder if some day in the future scholars will come across the Gospel according to Biff, and wonder if this is an actual gospel. There are many gospels that have been written as well as many Acts, over on Early Christian Writings you can see a list of a bunch of them. Some of these are gnostic and other were written centuries after the life of Jesus. I like to look at it as if this particular gospel brings you closer to God, why should we make a big deal about it. In fact I am sure that there are many people out there who have had a religious experience reading a regular fiction book, as several fiction books that I’ve read have made a lasting impacts on my religious life and I don’t fault the books for that.


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