News Round up

Food: Pizza Hut has taken a huge step in trying to revitalize its brand. Yes, Pizza Hut is trying to remain relevant in the business that it basically owned for decades. In a really weird move Pizza Hut is expanding its menu by adding more toppings and sauces, as well as adding an option to a flavored crust and a drizzle on top of the pizza. It sounds interesting and I guess I’m going to have try it eventually. Perhaps this will make Pizza Hut pizza better.

Since it is cider season, I like both versions but the focus here is on the hard stuff, I found a great article about Johnny Appleseed over on the Smithsonian Magazine. All to often when we think of Johnny Appleseed he is planting apples to eat but according to this article most of the apple trees that were planted were for cider. This basically shatters most of our impressions of Johnny Appleseed as that guy who wandered around the United States eating apples and dropping seeds. The article goes on to talk about how most of the traditional eating apples are grown through grafting and the cider apples are grown from seed. With the resurgence of cider in America perhaps the charming story of John Chapman can once again be told as it actually happened.

Space: Although in the recent weeks we have had some troubles in getting into space there is something cool happening up there currently. The Rosetta mission is trying to land a probe on a comet. this will be the first time a lander will ever land on a comet and will hopefully bring more information about comets to the general public. In 2005 NASA’s Deep Impact sent an impactor down on a comet and we learned that comets are more rock than ice. This is a remarkable mission since the European Space Agency (ESA)is behind this probe and hopefully information from this mission will help NASA as they eventually try a manned mission to an asteroid prior to their return to the Moon.



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