The Descent of the Holy Spirit

Before I begin a brief note, first finished brewing for the year i think a nice Doppelbock, the wort tasted of gingerbread or snaps, hopefully it turns out nice. More important is that this week we’ve got a bit of a shake up in the schedule as Remembrance/Veterans Day falls on Tuesday and we need to honor them, so today we have the third Glorious mystery.

After Jesus rose in front of the disciples, a huge event in the early church, the disciples were forced back into hiding. The authorities of the time wanted the find the followers of Jesus and get them. They hired people like Saul, who became Paul, to get and kill these Christians to stop the religion from growing. So from the moment of Joy with Jesus at the Ascension the disciples were scared for their lives, we hear of many of these first martyrs of the church were bringing help to the less fortunate or speaking out against the Pharisees.

They were gathered together once again in the Upper Room, where the Last Supper was held, and in came a gust of wind and above their heads were tongues of fire. The Disciples began talking in tongues and the crowds in Jerusalem were impressed. Now the Bible doesn’t give us any real explanation of this event whether the disciples were speaking in different languages or if it was the crowds who heard them speaking. Also I am not really sure how different the languages would be but it is my impression that it was more like accents.

On that day many people were baptized and joined the church. There was much joy on this the “birthday of the Church” and we should remember that the Holy Spirit is alive and living in the world today, it hasn’t gone anywhere we only need to ask for the Spirit’s help. I have heard people call the Holy Spirit the love between the Father and the Son. We need to be able to make room for this great and all encompassing love in our lives.


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