News Roundup

Politics: Here in America there was a little election that happened on Tuesday and the GOP took control of both the house and senate for the first time in a long time. Pundits are making such a big deal about what all this mean for the last two years of the Obama Presidency, however these results have been typical in the 6 years of a presidency the opposition makes large strides. I think the biggest question that comes out of this election is will the Republican take the lessons of this election cycle and bring it out again as we enter the 2016 Presidential election season. The other question is do the Democrats really want Hillary Clinton to run again for the Presidency or might they want some youth to take over in the White House.

There have been some cool stories this election cycle, but I think one of the coolest ones is the story of the election of the youngest state delegate in the US. With not many people voting in the midterm election it is sort of interesting to see some young adults trying to make a difference in the world.

Drinks: According to the Washington Post Japan has the best whisky in the world. This is rather weird news as when you think of whisky/whiskey you are drawn to Scotland or places in America like Kentucky and Tennessee. I’ve never had this Japanese stuff but maybe one day I will find it and try some. An update on brewing, this past weekend a chocolate hazelnut porter was brewed although currently it is just a chocolate porter as like the mushroom beer, you add in hazelnut extract after the fermentation is over and you are kegging/ bottling the beer. This weekend it looks like we will be brewing a dopplebock.


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