Fall Television (October)

So October has ended and more show have debuted on television, we have also seen the cancellation of a couple of shows as well.  So until the winter when the next slate of shows begins here’s what I watch during the week. Most of the new shows that came out in October didn’t fare that same as those in September.

Monday: Gotham is a decent show and it is exciting, After that I watch the Star Wars Rebels cartoon on Disney XD and Jane the Virgin which I think is my favorite new show on the CW.

Tuesday: Tuesday night has not fared well so far as two of the cancelled shows were on this night Manhattan Love Story and Fox’s reality show Utopia. As for what I watch I tune into the CW yet again and catch The Flash followed by Agents of SHIELD as well was New Girl. I also have watched a couple of the Finding your Roots, the genealogy show on PBS, but it depends on who is on that week.

Wednesday: I watch Arrow or rather I tape it and watch it two episodes at a time. I also really like Mike Rowe’s show on CNN, it is basically Dirty Jobs but Mike gets to do regular things and for the most part he stays clean.

Thursday: This is the other night that has experienced cancellations NBC’s whole Thursday night comedy lineup is gone although this is really not that big of a surprise. I have been watching Gracepoint, it is an inferior version of Broadchurch, but it still is an entertaining show, let’s hope that they change who the killer is or something, but it seems like it will only last the 10 episodes in America. I also watch Big Bang Theory and Elementary.

Friday: Nothing that is on television is really worth watching on Friday night and is considered the wasteland, I catch up on some of the shows that I’ve taped during the week.

Saturday and Sunday: Doctor Who and/or a movie on Saturday. The Simpsons and Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Sunday.

I am really looking forward to the return of Covert Affairs and White Collar on USA later in the week and the upcoming holiday specials.


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